Maintenance Tips

Failure to properly maintain your tyres will be costly. Incorrectly inflated tyres will not only wear much quicker, but will also increase fuel consumption and possible premature wear of other components. A tyre can only perform at its best with the correctly inflated pressure.

Make Sure You
  • Regularly check the tyre pressures against the manufacturer’s recommendations as given in the vehicle Handbook and adjust accordingly. Under inflated tyres can mean fuel efficiency is reduced by 2% for every pound they are under-inflated.
  • Clean away any dirt from the valves and fit valve caps all round.
  • Have your wheels and tyres balanced if you experience vibrations, wheel wobble or patchy tyre wear. Vibration increases the wear on components and drivers.
  • Have the wheel alignment checked at the first signs of excessive or uneven tyre wear. Be sure to check the inside of your tyres, these are not always visible from the side.
  • Have the brakes examined if your vehicle has developed wheel locking. (flat spots)
  • Remove stones and other foreign objects from the tread.
  • Check the tyre depth across the tyre.
  • New tyres should be fitted to the rear of your vehicle regardless of the drive wheels. Ask our technicians for advice.
  • Remember – Check your spare wheel too.